UDOT Still Considering Options for West Davis Corridor

Back in September 2011 UDOT came out with what we were told was the two final options for the West Davis Corridor in Syracuse. One was an option that went out West (option A) and crossed Antelope Dr. at about 4200 West. Option B was to cross Antelope Dr at about 3000 West. In January 2012 they came back and suggested that due to updated wetland studies they have changed option B to cross Antelope Dr. at Bluff Road, just East of the Syracuse Arts Academy (SAA). In doing so they had to think ‘outside the box’ to make it all fit, according to Randy Jeffries, UDOT West Davis Corridor Project Manager. Thinking outside the box means Bluff Road gets realigned to go up the Bluff and behind many homes running along Antelope Dr. It means taking out part of the SAA parking lot and putting in a highway within feet of our elementary kids.  It should also mean Option A is a highly desirable location.

Take a look at the maps, and let us know if this is what you want in Syracuse. And then let UDOT know by writing them at westdavis@utah.gov. Share ideas and options with us and with them. Let’s create options as we think outside the box to make our city the best it can be.

  1. montag1313

    Syracuse. Less a city, more an assortment of industrial complexes surrounded by freeway.