We Don’t Need a New Freeway

As it stands right now, UDOT’s preferred route would result in an unnecessary “Highway” that will permanently change the rural nature of West Davis County.

UDOT has worked diligently on a public relations campaign to convince city leaders and West Davis County residents and communities that a new four-lane freeway is necessary to improve local transportation, and no other options will work.

However, the facts, independent experts, and the residents of West Davis County recognize that in reality, the following information is true.

The Reality:

  • UDOT’s own modeling data for 2040 show that a new four-lane road would be vastly “underutilized.”
  • A growing number of Davis County residents do not want the freeway.
  • A new freeway only makes sense for land developers of West Davis County who are looking to sell their land ‘per square foot’ instead of ‘per acre.’
  • Calling a freeway a “corridor” does not change what is really proposed. The proposed freeway would not have any of the parkway features that makes Legacy a civilized road.
  • This is a $600 million (state tax dollars badly needed for education, etc.), four-lane, high-speed freeway, 14 feet high average elevated roadway—up to 30 feet high in some places–complete with noisy trucks, unsightly billboards, and commercialized intersections. The freeway will create commercial and industrial development, 7-11s and big box stores, instead of family farms and residential neighborhoods.
  • UDOT has pitted residents in two different communities against each other by giving a false dilemma that the freeway will connect to Legacy Parkway via Shepherd Lane or Glover’s Lane.
  • The preferred route encompasses the Syracuse Arts Academy, exposing 1,000 children to dangerous levels of auto/truck pollution.
  • Our metropolitan planning organization, the Wasatch Front Regional Council’s own future plan, Wasatch Choice 2040, calls for less “vehicle miles traveled,” or VMTs, and shared solutions for increasing mobility by 2040, including boulevards and boulevard communities, land use designed to attract local business instead of sprawl, and more mass transit and bikeways. UDOT’s proposal would do exactly the opposite.
  • The freeway would have permanent negative impacts on the natural features of West Davis County, including Farmington Bay, the wetlands, migratory birds and habitat, and underground hydrology.
  • Mixed messages: More cars, more freeways, and more VMTs makes our bad air problem even worse! If Governor Herbert is serious about getting volunteer cooperation from all Utahns to drive less, why is his top agency proposing to build another freeway when studies show it isn’t needed?

A growing coalition of citizens and organizations are proposing a Shared Solution in lieu of a new freeway. This is NOT a no-build alternative. It would, in fact, enhance existing transportation infrastructure with redesigned intersections to increase flow, expand east-west arterials, create boulevards to attract local businesses and new employers, implement more mass transit, and preserve overall quality of life that is so critical to West Davis County communities. You can read the Shared Solution at: www.utahnsforbettertransportation.org/

I know that many of my friends are not directly impacted by the Corridor (by having your home taken or being close to the Corridor), but do not be naive to think that your life will not be impacted by the Corridor. Please attend one or all three of the open houses.

Public Open Houses 4 to 8 p.m. each evening – Public Hearings 6 to 9 p.m. each evening

Tuesday, June 11th
Legacy Events Center
151 South 1100 West
Farmington, Utah
Wednesday, June 12th
West Point Jr. High
2775 West 550 North
West Point, Utah
Thursday, June 13th
Freedom Elementary
4555 West 5500 South
Hooper, Utah

It is extremely important that *THOUSANDS* of Davis County residents, including YOU, show up to UDOT’s open houses and voice support for the Shared Solution to be considered now, and oppose UDOT’s preferred freeway alternative. Save your homes, your health, Farmington Bay, and your quality of life. Join the movement!

  1. Christine Bastian
    Christine Bastian06-10-2013

    Which companies are bidding on the construction contract – and how much did they contribute to Herbert’s campaign? This is cronyism. Pure and simple. Find out who the bidders are and how much money was exchanged. Talk about it ALOT. Then Herbert’s decision to go on a useless freeway is also the desision to put his office in jeopardy. Give him a chance to deny cronyism by putting a stop to this. Give him a way out by taking a high road. It will be a win for all.